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In the midst of subtle landscapes there dwells a tie long forgotten. A link that has been there all along, buried by the sands of time, only to be rediscovered to re-establish. Existing in a timeless time, a fairyland not so distant from what we call civilization – shaped by nature, reinforced by man. The beauty comes from this balance and it is not simply an aesthetic beauty, but the kind that dwells on much deeper levels.

Frequented by many, some skeptic, others coming with a strong belief, the beacon of Merkines Pyramid’s dome draws them closer. Be it curiosity or an internal search, it is quite impossible to remain indifferent when one arrives to the site. A feeling of calmness and homeliness gently floods the being.

First the sight of the dome greets the traveler along with three crosses standing tall. Next to the dome there stands a beautiful wooden house – its doors always open during the day.
The architect and author of the construct lives there and he welcomes everyone with humbleness and kindness. He happily shares the instructions on how one should proceed through the ritual of entering the pyramid but does not go into much detail, cleverly leaving the travellers to experience the magic for themselves. He is also more interested in hearing the peoples stories than speaking about his own. The ageless seeming carer cheerfully invites the visitors for tea after they undergo the entire process. By all means one feels welcomed.
It is impossible to describe the experience that is undergone inside but the benefits are many. And some of them are felt immediately but the subtler changes are experienced in the following days. The place has already been attributed with a reputation of a miracle ground where disabled people start walking and various ills, both physical and mental, are reduced and possibly completely cleared after several visits. People from all over the world are drawn to this place – of various nationalities, religions and beliefs. All of them seem to find something that they are looking for inside.
And although the experience seems to be very subtle, sometimes intense, quite personal and metaphysical – one curious phenomena is worth mentioning. Due to the structure of the dome and the pyramid unexpected audio-sensory fluctuations take place. The whole structure seems to resonate if one starts chanting or singing, creating a beautiful vibration that engulfs the being. Those practising these verbal forms can greatly increase their experience through experimenting with their vocal vibes.
Truly a holy place of power, the Merkines Pyramid awaits for pilgrims that are willing to submerge in its beauty.
Explored and witnessed by Lee Fukke

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