here we have rain, here we have a cloud

Foto 1 Foto 3

berndnaut smilde‘ s nimbus 1

is a temporary, man- made cloud. photographed since its ephemeral. exhibitions of the images to follow, real clouds within different spaces.

the art world is in uproar.

the man can.

the artist puts it into context. here we are,  a self made cloud equals power over nature.

meanwhile at the barbican

you are invited into constructed rain. its real, but you wont get wet.

technology maps your position stopping its flow where you walk. you are safe

                     Foto   Foto 4

trust technology, the rainroom seems to be saying.

the rainroom is looking down on you- rain equals wet is no longer valid.

we make it.

we have the programme for it. feel the next level of subversion

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