Open Lectures provide a space, time and setting for presentation, listening and sharing. Open Lectures encourage you to initiate your own learning, research and experimentation; sharing your ‘complete’ or ‘incomplete’ lectures, listening to others or inviting others to speak and share their knowledge


3rd november 2013 at ANATUMS ABODE

when the eyes hit the horizon to trace the line that marks this hemisphear your mind fixates to finally release

Replying to the needs that have not only clarified verbaly but through own experience this very lecture will be dedicated to pilgrimage, activities in the nature and follow ups rooted in the inevitable diy – considering we are travelling freely and as any journey goes occurances touch the inexpected no matter what ambition stood in the first place

travel experiences, deep learning and its transmission
deriving from wanderlust – call of the soul- personal accounts

unison discussed in relation to nature, energy and momentum – creativity channeled into accounts of unexpected spots of pilgrimage as well as publicly acclaimed gathering places attracting many

in the creative sense we will discuss methods of initiation along ways of representation of a shared experience



sharing visual material and personal insights of her pilgrimage to sites along the energetic tracks of london

LLEW WATKINS holy sites, its rites and history from a personal pilgrimage in india

ANASTASIA FREYGANG in quest for visual meditation 2 video works of personal observations whilst travelling alone



a beautiful pregnant soulful girl and a beautiful boy featuring it all via video, following up the given

coordinating, capturing and appearing

they are seen in the nature, in circumstance of survival and down to basics

she is awaiting a child, they are building future

the pretext of this transmissional action seems to be love and conviction

Foto 1 Foto 3

Vida de pajaros is

‘A Real story of how we left the city for going Back to the Nature and to discover that we are already Angels

We are living a Love story, Science Fiction, Adventure, Fantasy, Action, Drama and Documentary also ‘

the city is where they dont want to be. it feels dull and repressed, the cycle of things

‘We see Puppets, We were Puppets, thats the Magic of this Story, Estrellita was a StripTease Dancer, I was a Rock Star… now we are Heros, Adventurers in Love, Rainbow Warriors… now We Are Fantasy, “Poor”, Nomads, Dreamers, Artists.’

one year ago they have met on la palma, canarie islands spain and have been travelling together since

seen in brazil and in argentina, they currently reside in chech republic awaiting the child


Vida de pajaros   Foto 4 

are moving images of the daily, not without hardship, situations that are tangeable and that are speaking of intimacy

through this documentation, in times where it seems that dreams are forgotten, they say :

DREAM Brother, DREAM Sister, because we have the Same Dream’ one has to express it… to Make It Real.

sharing beauty, their love and spirit that they feel is young, happy, energetic- feeling alive and feeling that the love grows with the baby

a lot of magic is happening, they are making it part of their lifes


the internet provides a platform and the machine becomes more human through exchange. letters are reaching them, empowerement is created, people are writing in appreciation. anything can be said, as long as its said

its a personal journey connecting to the elements and to an audience

for the two being in love, although it doesnt need to be in love with a person, being in a natural environment

as well as eating naturally, and living naturally (with out the millon rules of the cities) is the key to be free

Foto 2

videos by them, consumed from a computer, is like an other world speaking, travelling wires to enter us

to make this happen, all lands, all dunes and jungles are crossed with photographic equippement

this magical journey is bound to revisit internet in town on regular intervals. but already its felt that

‘ This Way to Create can End Soon… We are heading to the Real, and maybe i Will Be Tired of this Screen’

for now, find them here

and on fb


Foto 4  Foto 2

In the midst of subtle landscapes there dwells a tie long forgotten. A link that has been there all along, buried by the sands of time, only to be rediscovered to re-establish. Existing in a timeless time, a fairyland not so distant from what we call civilization – shaped by nature, reinforced by man. The beauty comes from this balance and it is not simply an aesthetic beauty, but the kind that dwells on much deeper levels.

Frequented by many, some skeptic, others coming with a strong belief, the beacon of Merkines Pyramid’s dome draws them closer. Be it curiosity or an internal search, it is quite impossible to remain indifferent when one arrives to the site. A feeling of calmness and homeliness gently floods the being.

First the sight of the dome greets the traveler along with three crosses standing tall. Next to the dome there stands a beautiful wooden house – its doors always open during the day.
The architect and author of the construct lives there and he welcomes everyone with humbleness and kindness. He happily shares the instructions on how one should proceed through the ritual of entering the pyramid but does not go into much detail, cleverly leaving the travellers to experience the magic for themselves. He is also more interested in hearing the peoples stories than speaking about his own. The ageless seeming carer cheerfully invites the visitors for tea after they undergo the entire process. By all means one feels welcomed.
It is impossible to describe the experience that is undergone inside but the benefits are many. And some of them are felt immediately but the subtler changes are experienced in the following days. The place has already been attributed with a reputation of a miracle ground where disabled people start walking and various ills, both physical and mental, are reduced and possibly completely cleared after several visits. People from all over the world are drawn to this place – of various nationalities, religions and beliefs. All of them seem to find something that they are looking for inside.
And although the experience seems to be very subtle, sometimes intense, quite personal and metaphysical – one curious phenomena is worth mentioning. Due to the structure of the dome and the pyramid unexpected audio-sensory fluctuations take place. The whole structure seems to resonate if one starts chanting or singing, creating a beautiful vibration that engulfs the being. Those practising these verbal forms can greatly increase their experience through experimenting with their vocal vibes.
Truly a holy place of power, the Merkines Pyramid awaits for pilgrims that are willing to submerge in its beauty.
Explored and witnessed by Lee Fukke