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on the weekend of the 23-24 of august 2014
bonding exercises to peak in the awakening of the subtle body
jasmeen farasha is guiding us towards corporal unfoldment by starting with the mind in time, in space and in community

a lovers yoga and tantric massage workshop at anatums abode

 westgerm connection

Jasmeen Farasha is a tantric practioner, versed in kundalini yoga and ayuvedic massage she hails from egypt

in the weekend long workshop jasmeen will be taking us on deep meditation journeys and guide exercises to activate our body and mind. we will start with light kundalini yoga and eye gazing to initiate our explorations into tantra practice -set within a safe environment consciously arranged for the activities by HIAS health in the arts.

participants are encouraged to allow the other to be a mirror and settle the mind for explorations on a personal and respectful level- cultivating love for oneself and ones surroundings.



food for thought and time in spaces

silent day

we have prepared immersive settings on the grounds of anatums abode our fortress and diy oasis

A silent day, a day of not speaking,
slowing down, giving space to new thought, communication on a different level

we invite you to test the grounds, co exist and see what this experience can bring about

physical activation
meals and teas- spaces and sensuality
for those who are interested in new formats of time spending

we start with a brunch at 12am and let the day unfold in the garden, on rooftops and spaces of intent.
retreating in the city, with sites of the element of water at hand, we take you on a walk guiding you to our special places for calm in the everyday.




HIAS errects

a temporary oasis to host a programme of entering sound of musicians and sound theraphy practicioners. a process based performance by petja ivanova. a visual meditation channel. a physical aformance by anastasia freygang.


the oasis consists of locally borrowed potted plants, enabling a participative yet temporary assembly – which will be dissolved in a communal ceremony on the evening of the 11th october


friday 11th october 2013 at Viennafair Messeplatz 1, Halle A, 1020 Vienna from 11- 19h

within the parameter of this temporary installation HIAS welcomes you to a programme by local and international sound artists

11h Adrew Page (uk) solaris beta | opening sound of the sun for the day to start

with an aformance, a physical alignment study in kontext of the given sphere, by anastasia freygang

13h Mona Schramke (at) from Sanateom | sound meditation

‘..unser nach Diskurs suchender oftmals rastloser Verstand (kann), begleitet durch den reduzierten Klang, zur Ruhe kommen und tiefe Entspannung zulassen.’
from 15h start of Petja Ivanova‘s (bg|de) applied practice on > decelerating time, a conceptual approach on time gain and time perception
17h Black Biuti (at) |FLOATING sound performance
Das Programm “Floating” beschäftigt sich mit der langsamen Entwicklung von harmonielastigen Soundflächen; aus dem alltag austreten, sich auf den moment einlassen um sich selber wieder zu spüren. man kann sich entspannt hinlegen, zurücklehnen, sich fallen lassen.
18h ceremonial dissolvement of the hosting ground


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sauna whilst sound




from 7 till late

‘Come’, they say, ‘Come out of the days heat, / out of shaded rooms, let’s escape and slip away, / let the veils fall, one by one. / Slide into pools that lie like mirrors of the sky, / and let the moon wash over our bodies.’ (Imtiaz Dharker, 2006)

afloat in your own time

On site at Anatum’s Abode with improvisational in situ sound by bruno humberto from orchestra elastique and ‘Bathing’ by Phillida Cheetham, : A piece for sponge and two bodies (one on one, 20 mins).


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25th june tuesday 7.30 pm

listening workshop by HIAS resident Kiriakos Spirou

“Listening to Listening: A Workshop on the Everyday Aesthetics and Politics of Sound”

In all our activities, day and night, we are immersed in sound. We are constantly hearing things, as we commute to work or when at home watching videos online. But are we truly listening to what’s happening around us? In this workshop we will examine different ways of listening, and playfully explore the sonorous world that we traverse daily: what detail and information hides in the more subtle sounds of our actions and social interactions? Can we learn more about ourselves and the others if we try to listen more closely?

This workshop will be delivered in two parts.The first is formulated as a presentation/talk of a theory of listening, based on the inspiring writings of Jean-Luc Nancy, John Cage and others. We will see how listening can be “a way of being in the world” and a common ground for social interaction and understanding that is sometimes overlooked in our culture. The second part consists of listening exercises and activities, as an open exploration of listening in combination to movement and being with others: by immersing ourselves in the sounds of our environment, the tiniest details of our everyday lives are exposed, which then inform our interaction with others and the world.

The duration of the workshop is two hours. The workshop is open to performers, students and the general public. Participants are encouraged to bring comfortable clothes that they can move in, as well as their journal/diary.

About the workshop leader: Kiriakos Spirou is a composer, pianist and writer, currently living in the Netherlands. His research focuses on collaborative composition and improvised performance. As a composer and performer he’s worked extensively in contemporary dance theatre, and he’s presented his work in Greece, Cyprus, USA, Italy, the Netherlands and the UK. More info on matsushimamusic.blogspot.com

3 pounds contribution

fb event here


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wednesday 26 june 7pm

sauna retreat | culinary offerings

talks and trips for sensibilisation with anastasia freygang and yaron pandu

vocal drones at sun set by georgina brett site specifcally arranged for you


we would like you to join the necessary processes for making fire
taste our home made pickles
listen deeply
and give yourself time to spent on grounds aimed at wellbeing

in order to tune in together please come between 7-9pm
and possibly bring a towel for yourself

fb event here

613 commercial road E14 7NT london limehouse