transformational realities delivered through design. Lauren Davies from heka lab incooperated absolute aesthetica for the application of hands on scent creation for ‘reigniting a dialogue about our relationship with nature and the materials we use’. the empowerement comes in high value materials such as copper, maple wood and borosilicate glass with herbal ingredients of choice. the desired flavour of the resulting cosmetics bring about the necessity of floral inclusion, making us reach back to nature, pick the given and source its offerings.



Foto 4

there seems to be a craving to deal with worlds in its simplicity. for this simplicity is beauty paired with logic and the outcome as organic as it gets. experiments featured in the arts are illustrations of the given- dreamy works of scientific truth to be seen now at palais de tokyo in paris,prolongued until the 20th of mai 2013

Foto 2  Foto 1

whether its a magnets’ force creating storms of colours or cause and effect of chemical means in composition, hicham berrada conquered this ground by screening the process. video as an observational tool is art due to his very regard and curation of chemical effects. striking aesthetics underpinned by scientific relevance. the joy of exploration results in an alchemical theater


young and brilliant and concerned. contemporary developers are putting the ocean in focus

Foto 1    Foto 2

humanity is creating constant and various forms of pollution

the ocean is suffering

some have come up with ways to recycle, some have started to raise awareness

Foto 4 the team around is investigating how to sense and clean the ocean. for the removal of oil spills after Bp’s Deepwater Horizon disaster in 2010, prototypes of robotic drones have been envisioned- unmanned, affordable, green and unsinkable in theory. the project grew into a thinktank community experimenting with an open source hardware. sharing step-by-step results on their website, the organisation attracts new crew members to invest in a vision

in the meantime boyan slat is applying pragmatism and innovation to aid new ways of plastic waste removal

Foto 5   after coming up with a concept of floating booms filtering the water for plastic waste (to be trayed in waste processors fixed to the sea bed), the feasability of the realisation of this project is being studied precisely. his call for brain power as well as funds has received a lot of attention recently

Foto 3

the more innovative projects are being discussed, the more alternatives are in sight. for those who are working on solutions -investing thought, creativity and practical thinking into the handeling of our environment – support is crucial. afterall its not about keeping the planet alive only


Foto 1  rest in peace beautiful mind, roberto burle marx influenced his native land in the most durable yet alive ways. almost a decade after his death his works continue to inspire and spark relevance in nowadays debates on urban planning, sustainability and contextualised aesthetics. the brazilian landscape artist re-introduced something that might seem just too obvious- the use of locally growing plants. by doing this he was keeping his abstract, cubism inspired garden designs up for a continuous celebration of brazils fauna. research driven he specifically errected a place for intentional cultivation of brazils native vegetation, giving ground to 3.500 different species of plants.

Foto 1Foto 3

burle marx has been working on various projects, yet creating for the public sector, of all commissions, has been described as being his favourite –  since it ‘ could be enjoyed by all social strata ‘, as his collaborateur Haruyoshi Ono recalled him saying in an interview with the new york times.

copacabana’s mosaik strip for example gives room for joy, as well as the daily Foto 4 mindexpanding shapes in the city reminding ones eye of possible urban perspective without compromising on functionality

roberto’s regard has been finding numerous ways of colourful translation, since landscape design gives room for a combination of disciplines. thats why it is not surprising that he is reffered to being a painter, as well as an architect and a botanist at the same time. what counts is the use of the elements.

his specific style had entered brazil in the early 50’s, shaping the given playfully and celebrating whats there – for a public to embrace

  Foto 4  Foto 3


He donated his body. involuntary death. execution. yet this is another story. for now, slice by slice Joseph Paul Jernigan corpse became the first comprehensive, nondigital map of the human body.

studio tobias klein turned the re-composition in an interactive chrystal nursery. yes, slice by slice

and you decide.                            Foto 1   Foto 3

one can go online and type in the desired level of heat causing humidity for the chrystal to grow. crystals on bones, forming missing organs – to result in a full corpse in fact

it is empowering to have effect, to contribute and decide on your very own slice.. going online making things grow. its nice to know that Jernigan’s corpse will turn into a body again, yet is this conceptual transformation not a bit blunt ?

see the full article here





our walking experience has been put into question Foto 3Foto 5

surface considerations to wear, to walk on, to experience.  how to enrich our walking experience? the following examples are pointing out ways for play:  re-designed pathways and footware are on the market

Therapeutic-Shoe (1)Foto 1

whether its for posture or feel the shoe industry has caught up on the people’s behavioural lack of exercise and movement, suggesting to combine the daily with the useful. the futuristic products are set for form to result in function and are widely available by now.

the benefits described by the brands are evident, but if consideration and care for ones own body is inspired by it, so it be, its successfully raising some awareness

Foto 2Foto 4  playing upon human conditioning and pushing for ways to re think urban planning  recent cases of architectual propositions point a finger on important considerations concerning daily paths and general challenges of self transportation

atelier zündel cristea  won the 3rd prize in a competition for yet another bridge for paris’ seine. their inflatable construct consists of tubes in crossings and trampoline circles to bounce ahead

Foto 5

meanwhile in the nikola lenivets forest in russia, the annual festival archstoyanie  presents a 50 meter long trampoline road cutting through the nature. the installation is designed by the estonian architects salto who ironically called their rubber pathway ‘fast track’  and describe it as  ‘an attempt to create intelligent infrastructure that is emotional and corresponds to the local context. It gives the user a different experience of moving and percieving the environment.’

 Foto 2   Foto 1

rethinking infrastructure                                         western world can afford this

can we arrive at a different point using other means then pavements ? it feels spoiled to be surpassing the functional asphalt road due to philosophical questions

yet these designs are really meant for a public- whether to be crossing the seine or a forest its initially about altering our physical sensation and conceptual flexibility- which is needed due to the dangers of comfort driven stagnation

what are roads, how do i behave on would i behave on trampolines, can i bounce at all etc etc

surely no insurance company would cover this,but one realised project of that sort manages to raise a point by giving it a try in humble seclusion- for now only to be experienced in an art context


Foto 1   Foto 2

it could be said that performers want to avoid to claim space in a way that a stage is. they are rather the first ones to use the word public, intervention or discovery  and yet watching a performer discovering

going through something

in that space, one cant stop thinking that this is a massiv ego trip- wanting to be watched,  finding something to show, claiming to be personally related to the site and true

in performance a lot of intents, no matter the trend, mostly have a beautiful, thought provoking konzept

but there is something energetically difficult if one person is singled out from the rest and keeps receiving attention by plan

there is people though who truly and sincerely have something to transmit and they too make their space, make to be seen

Foto 2        Foto 3

and it makes sense to be exposed to them in return, especially when they are creating a situation

because thats what they are good at,

strong energy, providing circumstance, guiding the moment

it falls and goes with the intensity of the person but if it touches, it touches hard. thats when you go home and you ve actually been out- on a journey, with someone you never met before with someone who you ll never forget.

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a beautiful pregnant soulful girl and a beautiful boy featuring it all via video, following up the given

coordinating, capturing and appearing

they are seen in the nature, in circumstance of survival and down to basics

she is awaiting a child, they are building future

the pretext of this transmissional action seems to be love and conviction

Foto 1 Foto 3

Vida de pajaros is

‘A Real story of how we left the city for going Back to the Nature and to discover that we are already Angels

We are living a Love story, Science Fiction, Adventure, Fantasy, Action, Drama and Documentary also ‘

the city is where they dont want to be. it feels dull and repressed, the cycle of things

‘We see Puppets, We were Puppets, thats the Magic of this Story, Estrellita was a StripTease Dancer, I was a Rock Star… now we are Heros, Adventurers in Love, Rainbow Warriors… now We Are Fantasy, “Poor”, Nomads, Dreamers, Artists.’

one year ago they have met on la palma, canarie islands spain and have been travelling together since

seen in brazil and in argentina, they currently reside in chech republic awaiting the child


Vida de pajaros   Foto 4 

are moving images of the daily, not without hardship, situations that are tangeable and that are speaking of intimacy

through this documentation, in times where it seems that dreams are forgotten, they say :

DREAM Brother, DREAM Sister, because we have the Same Dream’ one has to express it… to Make It Real.

sharing beauty, their love and spirit that they feel is young, happy, energetic- feeling alive and feeling that the love grows with the baby

a lot of magic is happening, they are making it part of their lifes


the internet provides a platform and the machine becomes more human through exchange. letters are reaching them, empowerement is created, people are writing in appreciation. anything can be said, as long as its said

its a personal journey connecting to the elements and to an audience

for the two being in love, although it doesnt need to be in love with a person, being in a natural environment

as well as eating naturally, and living naturally (with out the millon rules of the cities) is the key to be free

Foto 2

videos by them, consumed from a computer, is like an other world speaking, travelling wires to enter us

to make this happen, all lands, all dunes and jungles are crossed with photographic equippement

this magical journey is bound to revisit internet in town on regular intervals. but already its felt that

‘ This Way to Create can End Soon… We are heading to the Real, and maybe i Will Be Tired of this Screen’

for now, find them here

and on fb


Foto 1      Foto 2

architectual envisoning in kontext of  london’s westbank

the 3rd year assignment of the by now graduating architect octave pero

illustrates an approach towards architecture that dares to incorporate alteration by its natural surroundings, conceptually using their effects

the thames tide rises twice a day, flooding the bank for six hours to abandon its shores again

by calculating its stream and water circuit the design related form of the project  An-OTHER CULTURAL SPACE

links cause and effect

to result in an extended riverbed shaped by these natural means

Foto 1

An-OTHER CULTURAL SPACE consists of an open air gallery and a tidal venue among others

these two spaces have in common what other constructs would avoid

– the permission of interference

the gallery gets flooded according to the moon’s will and poses a simple question to the art world:

is there works, especially on high brow level, that could retain its value once flooded , once touching a reality of any possible ‘dangers’ such as nature, such as time causing decay- dangers that are coming with existing within a space ?

Foto 3    Foto 1

in comparison: the safe surroundings of a white cube gallery stem for the will of the contrary:

preservation, presentation, non interference

in non places

the open air flooded gallery is challenging the artists as well as the visitors by imposing change on the works, on the space

and therefore on our perception.                       Foto 3

the tidal venue goes one step further

visitors may become voluntary prisoners due to the flow of the thames blocking the venues exits

regardless of the programmation inside, the duration of enclosement to perceive

syncs nature and time

bringing its consequences right into entertainment and arts , and our way of absorbing it

Foto 3       Foto 4

no phone reception for the time being would be a suggestion from HIAS’ side

octave pero offers a  ‘no choice’  situation as part of a cultural package

the tide, that we learned to overcome sucessfully, holds the power of showing us limitations that we no longer would accept

unless its in an art context. yet the lesson learned from such a lock up or an even flooding, would sensibilise us for real.

spending time together, perceiving the given and sticking to a choice made wouldn’t have to be framed and imposed

yet general progress gives the impression there might be need for such ideas from a therapeutical point of you. for the people’s sake.

see the full project here

here we have rain, here we have a cloud

Foto 1 Foto 3

berndnaut smilde‘ s nimbus 1

is a temporary, man- made cloud. photographed since its ephemeral. exhibitions of the images to follow, real clouds within different spaces.

the art world is in uproar.

the man can.

the artist puts it into context. here we are,  a self made cloud equals power over nature.

meanwhile at the barbican

you are invited into constructed rain. its real, but you wont get wet.

technology maps your position stopping its flow where you walk. you are safe

                     Foto   Foto 4

trust technology, the rainroom seems to be saying.

the rainroom is looking down on you- rain equals wet is no longer valid.

we make it.

we have the programme for it. feel the next level of subversion