young and brilliant and concerned. contemporary developers are putting the ocean in focus

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humanity is creating constant and various forms of pollution

the ocean is suffering

some have come up with ways to recycle, some have started to raise awareness

Foto 4 the team around is investigating how to sense and clean the ocean. for the removal of oil spills after Bp’s Deepwater Horizon disaster in 2010, prototypes of robotic drones have been envisioned- unmanned, affordable, green and unsinkable in theory. the project grew into a thinktank community experimenting with an open source hardware. sharing step-by-step results on their website, the organisation attracts new crew members to invest in a vision

in the meantime boyan slat is applying pragmatism and innovation to aid new ways of plastic waste removal

Foto 5   after coming up with a concept of floating booms filtering the water for plastic waste (to be trayed in waste processors fixed to the sea bed), the feasability of the realisation of this project is being studied precisely. his call for brain power as well as funds has received a lot of attention recently

Foto 3

the more innovative projects are being discussed, the more alternatives are in sight. for those who are working on solutions -investing thought, creativity and practical thinking into the handeling of our environment – support is crucial. afterall its not about keeping the planet alive only

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