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there seems to be a craving to deal with worlds in its simplicity. for this simplicity is beauty paired with logic and the outcome as organic as it gets. experiments featured in the arts are illustrations of the given- dreamy works of scientific truth to be seen now at palais de tokyo in paris,prolongued until the 20th of mai 2013

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whether its a magnets’ force creating storms of colours or cause and effect of chemical means in composition, hicham berrada conquered this ground by screening the process. video as an observational tool is art due to his very regard and curation of chemical effects. striking aesthetics underpinned by scientific relevance. the joy of exploration results in an alchemical theater


He donated his body. involuntary death. execution. yet this is another story. for now, slice by slice Joseph Paul Jernigan corpse became the first comprehensive, nondigital map of the human body.

studio tobias klein turned the re-composition in an interactive chrystal nursery. yes, slice by slice

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one can go online and type in the desired level of heat causing humidity for the chrystal to grow. crystals on bones, forming missing organs – to result in a full corpse in fact

it is empowering to have effect, to contribute and decide on your very own slice.. going online making things grow. its nice to know that Jernigan’s corpse will turn into a body again, yet is this conceptual transformation not a bit blunt ?

see the full article here




here we have rain, here we have a cloud

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berndnaut smilde‘ s nimbus 1

is a temporary, man- made cloud. photographed since its ephemeral. exhibitions of the images to follow, real clouds within different spaces.

the art world is in uproar.

the man can.

the artist puts it into context. here we are,  a self made cloud equals power over nature.

meanwhile at the barbican

you are invited into constructed rain. its real, but you wont get wet.

technology maps your position stopping its flow where you walk. you are safe

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trust technology, the rainroom seems to be saying.

the rainroom is looking down on you- rain equals wet is no longer valid.

we make it.

we have the programme for it. feel the next level of subversion