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Madness| Sanity | Gentrification

20th october 2013 at ANATUM’S ABODE


An actress and member of an improvisation company called Third Person since 2008, Sophie trained in Cours Florent in Paris (1991-1993) and later in City Lit, London. More recently she became interested in physical theatre and discovered mask work at ‘L’ecole Internationale Jacques Lecoq’ and LISPA (London International School of Performing arts).

In addition Sophie is also a clinician psychologist and, among others, has worked five years in a prison for women in France at Fleury-Merogis.
She is currently tutor assistant at Clean Break’s Miss Spent Programme which offers drama lessons to a population of young women, who are ex-offenders or at risk of offending.

Recently Sophie decided to mix these two passion “Psyche and drama” to create artistic projects and set up a company called psychedelight.

For ‘Open Lectures’ Sophie will be talking about her experience working in prison and answering questions on her multiple practice in relation to the theme of Mental Health and artistic practices.


My practice as an artist is reflected through Performance Art and Puppetry.
I am currently working on a long term project, M.S.G. (Madness, Sanity and Gentrification), that explores the meanings and potentials of sanity and madness through performance.
Taking as a departure point the subjectivity of these concepts, investigate ways of questioning, challenging and transcend established social norms and notions of acceptable/non- acceptable, legal/illegal, ethical/unethical behaviour.
Its also looking at how performance art can serve both as a form of expression and communication, and of maintaining mental balance on an individual and collective levels.

In the Open Lectures I will be presenting some of the work and ideas behind the project, in particular in relation to a recent workshop I facilitated that focused on these ideas and performance in public spaces.

Can acts of attempted madness and weirdness through performance work towards mental balance and a ‘sane’ psyche?