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25th june tuesday 7.30 pm

listening workshop by HIAS resident Kiriakos Spirou

“Listening to Listening: A Workshop on the Everyday Aesthetics and Politics of Sound”

In all our activities, day and night, we are immersed in sound. We are constantly hearing things, as we commute to work or when at home watching videos online. But are we truly listening to what’s happening around us? In this workshop we will examine different ways of listening, and playfully explore the sonorous world that we traverse daily: what detail and information hides in the more subtle sounds of our actions and social interactions? Can we learn more about ourselves and the others if we try to listen more closely?

This workshop will be delivered in two parts.The first is formulated as a presentation/talk of a theory of listening, based on the inspiring writings of Jean-Luc Nancy, John Cage and others. We will see how listening can be “a way of being in the world” and a common ground for social interaction and understanding that is sometimes overlooked in our culture. The second part consists of listening exercises and activities, as an open exploration of listening in combination to movement and being with others: by immersing ourselves in the sounds of our environment, the tiniest details of our everyday lives are exposed, which then inform our interaction with others and the world.

The duration of the workshop is two hours. The workshop is open to performers, students and the general public. Participants are encouraged to bring comfortable clothes that they can move in, as well as their journal/diary.

About the workshop leader: Kiriakos Spirou is a composer, pianist and writer, currently living in the Netherlands. His research focuses on collaborative composition and improvised performance. As a composer and performer he’s worked extensively in contemporary dance theatre, and he’s presented his work in Greece, Cyprus, USA, Italy, the Netherlands and the UK. More info on

3 pounds contribution

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an evening for headspace on the last day of the health in the arts festival

join us for a final proposition of entering sound on thursday 27th from 8pm

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Bioni samp is a beekeeper and audio artist who will deploy his sonic bee frequency arrangements along instrumentally guided meditation sound of a sitar played by Dam Bau :


Journey To The Centre OF The Beehive – Live A/V Sound Garden set by Zentric Bau
(Bioni Samp – Bee Frequency Electronics + Dam Bau on treated Sitar )

Bioni Samp and Dam Bau will be playing a live outdoor A/V set from their forthcoming album in the  garden of Anatum’s Abode


Piano Drones live in the gallery exploration by Kiriakos Spirou, our current resident for HIAS

The project “Piano Drones” is a work in progress, exploring the potential of electroacoustic piano performance in creating drone soundscapes and lush auditory textures.

Technically speaking, the main characteristic of the piano sound is its attack, that is, how the hammers hit the strings inside the instrument. In “Piano drones” this attack is softened, simulating the indian tampura and electronic-based drone music. As an event, the performance of “Piano Drones” offers itself as a deep auditory experience, and an opportunity to meditate on the subtle details and fluctuations of the piano strings.


During this event we will be screening visual works onto our shop front for a public to access from the street

Electronic Journey to Avebury‘  and ‘101 Telephathy’ as well as >video signal processing by Dam Bau


contribution : 5 pounds

8 PM, 613 commercial rd E14 7NT

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