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architectual envisoning in kontext of  london’s westbank

the 3rd year assignment of the by now graduating architect octave pero

illustrates an approach towards architecture that dares to incorporate alteration by its natural surroundings, conceptually using their effects

the thames tide rises twice a day, flooding the bank for six hours to abandon its shores again

by calculating its stream and water circuit the design related form of the project  An-OTHER CULTURAL SPACE

links cause and effect

to result in an extended riverbed shaped by these natural means

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An-OTHER CULTURAL SPACE consists of an open air gallery and a tidal venue among others

these two spaces have in common what other constructs would avoid

– the permission of interference

the gallery gets flooded according to the moon’s will and poses a simple question to the art world:

is there works, especially on high brow level, that could retain its value once flooded , once touching a reality of any possible ‘dangers’ such as nature, such as time causing decay- dangers that are coming with existing within a space ?

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in comparison: the safe surroundings of a white cube gallery stem for the will of the contrary:

preservation, presentation, non interference

in non places

the open air flooded gallery is challenging the artists as well as the visitors by imposing change on the works, on the space

and therefore on our perception.                       Foto 3

the tidal venue goes one step further

visitors may become voluntary prisoners due to the flow of the thames blocking the venues exits

regardless of the programmation inside, the duration of enclosement to perceive

syncs nature and time

bringing its consequences right into entertainment and arts , and our way of absorbing it

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no phone reception for the time being would be a suggestion from HIAS’ side

octave pero offers a  ‘no choice’  situation as part of a cultural package

the tide, that we learned to overcome sucessfully, holds the power of showing us limitations that we no longer would accept

unless its in an art context. yet the lesson learned from such a lock up or an even flooding, would sensibilise us for real.

spending time together, perceiving the given and sticking to a choice made wouldn’t have to be framed and imposed

yet general progress gives the impression there might be need for such ideas from a therapeutical point of you. for the people’s sake.

see the full project here