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sound| artists exploring the universe

27.09.2013 from 8 pm

for a world to end
heat waves in calculation
and scales to transform

alois yang | Hear The World Ending

The musical content in this sound installation reflects the orbits’ timeframe within which asteroids might impact the Earth. The composition will only be complete at the exact moment of collision – in other words, the end of the world.
Each asteroid has been given a sound interpretation according to data from NASA’s Near Earth Object Program.
The position of each sound (asteroid) within the soundscape interprets the relative position between the Earth (the observer), and the asteroid’s orbit, which remain in constant motion through space and time. As the observer moves the projection around in space as an act of “searching,” the interactive star map and the the sounds align to reveal the location of the asteroids in space.

raxil4 and Blanca Regina| solaris beta

Astronomers at Stanford University recorded acoustical pressure waves in the Sun by carefully tracking movements on its surface with the Michelson Doppler Imager on the SOHO spacecraft. Acoustical waves bounce from one side of the Sun to the other in about two hours, causing its surface to oscillate. These sound waves are normally at frequencies too low for the human ear to hear, so the scientists have sped up the waves 42,000 times and compressed 40 days of vibrations into a few seconds…

Using these recordings I created a musical instrument using an old Tascam four-track tape recorder and a three minute looping cassette, by recording the four tracks at different speeds I was able to create differently pitched variations of the original sound and using the volume sliders, pitch and EQ settings I am able to control these tones making a playable version of the original recordings of the Sun.

Blanca Regina will play with live projections and live processed voice and objects

Exploring scales in kontext :

Part Inspired part disillusioned by Pythagorean Harmony Of The Spheres. Our aim is to create a musical performance based on the principals of scale,  harmony, distance, and dissonance.

Involving pre recorded music/sound tuned to personal scales, and accompanied by 2 Wizards and a collection of mobile phones played by wandering friends
Distance is irrelevant!

Music mustered by Bob Yogas ..”Marimba” “MotherShip Convention ” with Delmore Fx

Mahoutsuka 1 Koichi Yamanoha
Mahoutsuka 2 Kohhei Matsuda from bo ningen


1girls preacher voice absolute wording in the sauna & dj west germ on the cosmic deks

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sauna whilst sound




from 7 till late

‘Come’, they say, ‘Come out of the days heat, / out of shaded rooms, let’s escape and slip away, / let the veils fall, one by one. / Slide into pools that lie like mirrors of the sky, / and let the moon wash over our bodies.’ (Imtiaz Dharker, 2006)

afloat in your own time

On site at Anatum’s Abode with improvisational in situ sound by bruno humberto from orchestra elastique and ‘Bathing’ by Phillida Cheetham, : A piece for sponge and two bodies (one on one, 20 mins).


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25th june tuesday 7.30 pm

listening workshop by HIAS resident Kiriakos Spirou

“Listening to Listening: A Workshop on the Everyday Aesthetics and Politics of Sound”

In all our activities, day and night, we are immersed in sound. We are constantly hearing things, as we commute to work or when at home watching videos online. But are we truly listening to what’s happening around us? In this workshop we will examine different ways of listening, and playfully explore the sonorous world that we traverse daily: what detail and information hides in the more subtle sounds of our actions and social interactions? Can we learn more about ourselves and the others if we try to listen more closely?

This workshop will be delivered in two parts.The first is formulated as a presentation/talk of a theory of listening, based on the inspiring writings of Jean-Luc Nancy, John Cage and others. We will see how listening can be “a way of being in the world” and a common ground for social interaction and understanding that is sometimes overlooked in our culture. The second part consists of listening exercises and activities, as an open exploration of listening in combination to movement and being with others: by immersing ourselves in the sounds of our environment, the tiniest details of our everyday lives are exposed, which then inform our interaction with others and the world.

The duration of the workshop is two hours. The workshop is open to performers, students and the general public. Participants are encouraged to bring comfortable clothes that they can move in, as well as their journal/diary.

About the workshop leader: Kiriakos Spirou is a composer, pianist and writer, currently living in the Netherlands. His research focuses on collaborative composition and improvised performance. As a composer and performer he’s worked extensively in contemporary dance theatre, and he’s presented his work in Greece, Cyprus, USA, Italy, the Netherlands and the UK. More info on

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wednesday 26 june 7pm

sauna retreat | culinary offerings

talks and trips for sensibilisation with anastasia freygang and yaron pandu

vocal drones at sun set by georgina brett site specifcally arranged for you


we would like you to join the necessary processes for making fire
taste our home made pickles
listen deeply
and give yourself time to spent on grounds aimed at wellbeing

in order to tune in together please come between 7-9pm
and possibly bring a towel for yourself

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613 commercial road E14 7NT london limehouse


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inspirational session on the activation of body parts in the context of the russian martial art SYSTEMA

systema instructor Uldis Veismanis is giving an introduction to his practices, outlining the array of physical involvement available

artists anastasia freygang and aleksei taruts will be screening video works in relation to the human body and its movements

wednesday 29 may 2012, 7 pm

ANATUM’S ABODE 613 commercial road E14 7N

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Uldis Veismanis was in the Soviet Army from 1979 to 1981 and then began training in Systema with Valentin Vasiliev and Valeri Terletsky in 1981. At the time he was also taking part in inter-army sport competitions and eventually was qulified as a Dynamo Instructor (Soviet Army Sport Club which trained many of the top athletes of the Soviet Union, many of whom are recognised Olympic winners) in 1987. He was requested by the city council to help with the problems of youth crime and instituted a training program which reduced crime in the area drammatically in a very brief space of time. In 2002 he moved to the UK where he continues to train in the System.


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inspiration to conclude in physical amelioration through the use of techniques for body and mind

at night time. at anatum s abode

public video screenings on commercial rd 613

each week we are raising awareness by implementing moving images into the neighbourhood. the visual propositions focus on methods of physical engagement for anyone to follow

this week : TAI CHI

write us for more information : anatumsabode ( at ) gmail (dot) com


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media based introduction of techniques for body awareness that lead up to the possible improvement of physical and mental constitution

public drop by event on wednesday 8th of may

at ANATUM’S ABODE 613 commercial road

E14 7NT

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our shop window front is turning into a screen once the sun sets, allowing sight from the street as well as from inside the space. expect  introductionary videos to be screened, as well as instructional audio content to be made available for you. we are offering informational material on the methodics of QI GONG as well as space for discussions and further investigations into the realms of this weeks choosen practice.