Luisa Martelo & Dinis Santos reflection and imagery on an abandoned convent from the XIV century, deep in the forest, being a site of pilgrimage for women of Viana, and cult site for Satanists






Bioni Samp – “Electronic Journey To Avebury” – 20 minutes, 2013

A remediation of a rare Super 8 film, A Journey to Avebury (1971), by acclaimed English film director Derek Jarman.

Avebury is a Neolithic henge monument containing three stone circles, located around the village of Avebury in Wiltshire, UK. Avebury contains the largest stone circle in Europe and is one  of  the best known prehistoric sites in Britain. The ‘Journey To Avebury’ part of the title comes from a rare Super 8 film, A Journey to Avebury (1971), by the acclaimed English film director Derek Jarman (1942-1994), documenting a summer visit to the stone circles in the early 1970s. Electronic Journey To Avebury retreads this path forty years later, in winter. Through processed video and sonification of electromagnetic fields, it reveals a hidden message among the stones.

To make the video and audio for ‘Electronic Journey To Avebury’, I went to Avebury stone circles with my Binaural Beeframe EMF Detector (2012), Hive Tool Resonance Detector (2012) and video camera. I was hoping to hear something interesting. I was wondering if the stones were perhaps magnetic or had ley-lines between them which could be followed. Readings of electromagnetic radiation and transmitted resonance were recorded from and around the stones, forming part of the soundtrack. The soundtrack was then mixed with my Hive Synthesiser and other home-made instruments. My Hive Synthesiser attempts to create a symbiotic frequency relationship, like those between pollination and nectar exchanges, or between beekeeper and bees.

In each honey bee colony there are three types of bee: drone, worker and queen bees. Each of these have their own individual frequencies in the following ranges: low – 200 Hz or less, mid – 200-400 Hz, and high – 400+ Hz, just like the earth has its own special frequency of approximately 9 Hz. Bee frequencies are created by modular oscillators sensing light. Electronic bees are carefully guided over the Hive Synthesiser interface to electronic flowers. Numerology of bees and beehive habitat patterns, hive logs and cycles are used as circuit starting points. Known for its calming effect upon the beehive colony, The Electronic Beesmoker acts as a modified breath controller.

The aim of this project was to learn more about bee frequencies and to create a work that would raise awareness about bees and their increasingly fragile ecosystem.




having to mark a transition, to call upon a rite of passage

to set a point to grow further from there

leaving this behind and expose

some of its key moments,

of a time


in dispear

oblivious to this hurting

a will arose to battle this

to dance to this

and manifest a physical existence to these very times and feelings in metaphors

only a grasp of its full content can be sourced from my head alone

the moving image monuments describe the circumstance and condition

let to read breath and eye s focus, expression on the face and mannerism

in retrospective

in this for what I was I m glad I can re-access. share to re- access. say its ending.

cleansing for the paths ahead to be taken with a lightness close to innocence

one knows what is what and its time to give the times a last prayer a last call for showcase

the first to be fair

but the last

in relevance

with aknowledgments to all involved

to all once breathing besides me. knowing that eyes can meet unconditionally

in a french world and beyond



rite of passage anastasia freygang

 PILGRIM AGE 25|26th january here

An assumed equation of the empowered self in the age of raised consciousness. Inspired by personal tendencies we address the trend of pursuing the call of one’s soul.
The evoked intention to share out a personal pilgrimage aims to provide a format of re-access.

Mezmerizing video art, poetry, soundworks, writing,installation and performances are exteriorising inner findings whilst sharing its path there.
10 insights into personal experiences and mental journeys are brought together in a quest of subjective and entagling transmission.

Anatums Abode is a project space in london limehouse and the headquarter of HIAS health in the arts initative,where we experiment with settings for togetherness. PILGRIM AGE was part of an OPEN LECTURE there in 2013, we consequently have been invited to apply our methods of transmission and translate the format to the o tannenbaum in berlin neukölln as part of the club transmediale festival.

lee fukke homage to cornwall's pilgrim path

with ten contributors from different background and disciplines the weekend of the 25 and 26th of january is going to be dedicated to the pursuit of following the call of the soul and its initiation transmitted for re-access.

event page :

Homage to Cornwall’s pilgrim path|Lee Fukke

it is argued that the shapeshifting psychodelic colouring of the images represent a mood synced reflection of the energetic sphere. Locations of mystical heritage pronounce its remainings through the lens of lee fukke who has spent days wild camping while being on a journey in cornwall visiting sacred sites including the merry maidens, the madron wishing well and men-an-tol

Damian Lintell smith
A journey from London to the ancient stone circles of Gobekli Tepe & ruins in between. A video travel document with still’s, narration & music
Felix Friedmann
cx sleeping

Stranding for a night of rest, peacefulness and security in places unknown yet sourced by intuition.
The photographic images of Felix Friedmann depict circumstancial choice of seeking sleep whilst crossing europe in a citroen cx
Personal impressions of the time spent and initial stepping stones of the journey are expressed in writing by all those who have enjoyed nights in this very choice for shelter.

Film & Reading
The Salpa Tales- Oilfields Mines Hurricains
Co written by 18 authors the road movie is depicting a youths quest to follow upon a journey. Fictional metaphors for rebirth’s cycle are played by kristoff gerega. For his role as Salpa he slipps into a non-singular construct of the multiple authors that gave him shape. The co author Annekatherine Heier is reading from the submitted scripts shedding light on the development of the character.

Video projection and aformance
Rite of passage
Anastasia Freygang is marking a transition. Late works of physical poetry against the forefront of a live caress of her own body is aimed at preparing her for the ventures ahead. Giving time to absorb exposed past in video format her physical presence of longduration represents a personal steppingstone making personal chronology go public.

Sound and installation
Personal pilgrimage to the quarry| Chatlotte Wendy Law
In spatial terms it is a safe semi circle for a soul to listen to the recordings Charlotte gathered along the way. Her return to the quarry is a private investigation touching upon sensitive areas of her own life in her home town Devon.

Llew Watkins
Having spent 2 years living in india Llew recalls the initial steps and impressions that were guiding him towards buddhism.

Live in concert
Unas w sadu| V.ff White People Scrap Metal
the respective band of crude melodies spent months living in an abandoned garden in berlin neukölln seeking peace and time, practicing urban retreat. Lyrics in retrospective and western ritual chants of the future mark their live appearance along a visual journey into the depths of an ephemeral space.

Simon ward
The Inverted Spiral

Simon discusses the transition which deconstructed his notion of the soul whilst reading poetry dealing directly with the theme.
In a truly objective sense purpose and meaning have no life. Though through our kind these concepts acquire dignity and inform our drama. In the same way that a mirage may give hope a to dying man before he eventually succumbs to thirst.

Writing and imagery
Luisa Martello&Dinis Santos on an abandoned convent from the XIV century, deep in the forest, being a site of pilgrimage for women of Viana, and cult site for Satanists.



HOLISTIC DAY: ENERGY     1st december 2013, 2-6 pm

holistic practices in focus. HIAS health in the arts invited practioners to hold a session of sharing knowledge on skills and applications of energetic means on the grounds of Anatum’s Abode

REIKI | neurosceletal alignment | AKKUPUNCTURE
practicioners collaborated with HIAS on a creative transmission of their skill

Starting off in the gallery with an introduction by luisa martelo and julian, both reiki practioners in london, the pair met via gumtree offering free sessions. stages of initiation were explained while a videoscreening depicting timelapse of hand placements showed the first steps of the energetic treatment.
Luisa has produced a publication for guests to study history and focus points of the reiki practice and attached advice on where to receive an atunement to become a master.

holistic day 3g

The session on reiki concluded in a physical exercise to connect to the energy stream within your body

For the workshop around neurosceletal alignment by elena ferraro all participants moved further down the premises onto padded ground and platforms. The theraphist prepared an introduction sharing her skill and its results. the introduction was followed by a pair-exercise where by using the pendlum vibrations merge into matter.

Back in the gallery food is being served.  A break allowing time for interaction and possible extension of knowledge on topic.

The accupuncture session, introduced by lucie trinephi, brought about an exercise highlighting pressure points in the ear and its responsive meaning linked to organs.
She concluded into a shared experience in the salon, where everbody sat in a circle with a needle being placed in the head for a collective physical and energetic sensation.


visual meditation at TOPOPHOBIA

topophobia visual meditation aformance 1

visual meditation is the video based practice of mezmerising intent offering guidance throughout timelessness. Anastasia Freygang performed an Aformance dealing with momentary concentration at TOPOPHOBIA london. accompagnied with a voice over stating the following :

I dont know what it is to be always wanting to allow time
to perceive and orientate
sniff it out in a way to
get it straight since straights are missing in these curves of the possible
where is time and will for concentration in these times

partial attention in the everywhere
feeding into the everything
so multitasking I dont dare to loose a glimpse
since movement
your breath
any presence
means beauty

for me
for us
if just we d leave it to develop
unfolding in time
exploring alive

can you hear the other existing
can you look into his eyes
allow his presence to maintain a stance within
always re-positioning

how fleeting

no need to make up your mind
just allowing to enter you for possible learning, possible awareness
for a love in it, a simplicity thats touching

apointing humanity appreciating creation

you you go go on
fast to shy away
fast to put the other first|  the flashing matters

do pro- create attention

now how things are seen to bend
to stretch
to foster momentum

there is a chance to perceive the now. Inevitable
points and points of life assembling
breathing times
in rhythms of a stomach’s inhale
of a twitch around the mouth
of ones eyes that see the given

see the given !
No rush times

observations for a mind to grasp its logic
beyond judgement, passing clouds in a sky ruling over us

akwnowledge its power
its existence strikes. Our all does have its effects
its aftermath
its rites unfold in the communal

butter fly logic your doings pair with intention of the mind

what is there in terms of guidance if there s no time to see a moments task
of transfer

a moments quest to rule the now

if we dont allow
if we dont allow

guidence quest from the pen of an activist
as opposed to the claims of a needy crowd

as opposed to a boredoms drive

ratteling minds are allowed

follow the breathing person, unfolding a truth in its own right
granting you permission, surely
we can gain valuable insight

a visual journey since visuality counts the senses can
bless the senses
grant them right

paying attention
free this is

broadening awareness
yours this is

in smallest details, with an ease of an open mind

TOPOPHOBIA 14 november 2013