PURIFICATION 213 the emporium

purification act img 2 kl

salt absorbs humidity HIAS is transforming the elements

a delirict shop in east london, ‘the emporium’ is currently hosting an installation by HIAS in collaboration with l honner de timur for the sake of purifiying the given sphere

dead sea salt from israel on pure silk

glass vessels to catch

the salty textile serves as a carrier for the humidity to result in water

in 2010 a group for the performative brand l honneur de timur travelled to israel relating clothing to circumstance through somatic procedures upon the given landscape. the residues are speaking human effort and time, bearing the experience. the story is being told through its physical manifestation upon the cloth, through video, words and imagery. the residues from israel are now being deployed for further process. sharing its beauty their purpose at the emporium is recreational and highlights poetically the utility of natural substances within the practice of the arts

l honneur de timur israel, silk floating for one day and one night, attached to strings. reclaim

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